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As you can tell from the irregular updates below, framing the oak is always more important than updating the website!  I hope these selected projects give you a flavour of the work that I do.  Another set of projects is featured in the Gallery.


These now finished oak framed dormers are for a bathroom and a bedroom for a major house renovation in Terenure, Co. Dublin. 

A window seat in the bedroom gives the perfect space to read a book.  With plenty of light streaming in the plain white decor and oiled oak work makes for a clean natural feel to the rooms. 


I made these two traditionally framed oak garden buildings seven years ago and re-visited recently. 

The gazebo features a cleft oak balustrade and a roof with rafters which taper toward the apex lightening the look of the framing.  The arched pergola is now covered in climbing flowering roses.  Both frames have weathered to a lovely silver grey.

2 March 2009

28 September 2009

Rathfarnham:  Traditionally jointed oak frame bridge. 

One year on and I am delighted to report that the oak bridge I made for St. Enda’s park in Dublin for the OPW is looking very well.  Happily, there is only a touch of graffiti and the oak has seasoned very well.  Joggers were running across, walkers stopped to lean on the chunky handrails and listen to the woods and the water.  All very pleasing to see my work in such a setting.

19 August 2009

This new attached oak verandah by Woodwrights forms an attractive cover over the back patio in this Co. Dublin semi-detached house. 

A simple oak frame has transformed the space giving privacy, shade, and protection from the summer and winter rain. 

Keeping the frame high over the back door ensures that all but the high summer sun continues to enter the living room. 

Adding to the relaxed feeling of the new space is an enormous hammock which can be quickly hung from the oak frame. 

Sunny days!

15 September 2009

20 November 2009

Oak Framed Conservatory at Barberstown Castle Hotel, Co. Kildare

This wide span oak-framed, glazed conservatory building extends the already large space available for weddings and gatherings at this fine hotel.

All of the oak was planed and oiled to give a fine finish. 

15 July 2010

Claregalway Castle article in the Irish Times 

A very good article in the Irish Times on the work at Claregalway Castle with some nice photos of my timberwork.


25 January 2016

Full, two-storey, oak framed house in Co. Kildare

Raised at the end of 2015, this oak frame was framed by me in the workshop over several months (including planing and oiling all timbers.  Featuring a fully-beamed oak ceiling to the ground floor with large ‘summer beams’ and large span king-post trusses upstairs.  The oak frame was designed to complement and enhance the floor plan making for living spaces framed by traditionally jointed oakwork.

20 july 2013

Second New Oak Bridge for St. Enda’s Park, Dublin

Raised in 2014, this was actually the third bridge I have been involved in for St. Enda’s Park.  An earlier new bridge was followed by extensive repairs to an existing bridge and then I made this second new bridge in the workshop to a different pattern to the first one – as much for variety as anything.

20 November 2014

A New Oak Roof for Springfield Castle, Co. Limerick

Putting a new oak framed roof on historic masonry can be very challenging even if the roof is not big.  In this case, with existing gable walls on each side, the carpentry had to deliver a fully jointed frame with two ridge heights and unequal length valley rafters onto an out of square base – all made offsite in the workshop.  The planed and oiled frame fitted perfectly and the carved and moulded, central pendant post looks very well in the finished roof.

20 May 2014

New King-Post Barn and Oak Framed Stable-Fronts, Co. Louth

Many of the great historic oak framed buildings are barns but it is unusual to get the chance to build a completely new, traditionally framed oak barn, so it was great  to do this one.  Like the long range

20 july 2007

New Oak Roof for Tubrid Castle, Co. Kilkenny

A roof of three sling-braced trusses landing on the original roof truss corbels with clasped purlins and curved braces throughout.  A gallery floor also reinstates the original form of the space.