Paul Price – Woodwrights

I have been a professional carpenter since 1986 initially working on renovation projects in Canada.  Since 1991, trading under the name of Woodwrights, with others and on my own.  I have worked exclusively in traditional timber carpentry making new oak frames and repairing historic buildings.

Here’s a summary list of some of my past work and experience over the past 25 years.

  1. Worked on many historic buildings (cathedral, barns, churches, and houses) carrying out conservation repairs and learning from medieval and later carpentry for many new oak frames for all kinds of buildings from houses to castles and bridges. 

  2. Gaining large-project experience worked for a large oak framing company, first in England and then in Scotland, for two years, including an appearance as lead framer on a large house oak frame featured on Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’.

  3. Participated in international traditional framing projects including: the Covered Bridge, Guelph, Ontario and Trebuchet siege machines at Loch Ness. 

  4. Taught courses in traditional carpentry - building frames with no only traditional tools with no power.

  5. A working trip to Norway to repair medieval timber ‘loft’ log buildings. 

  6. Many articles written for the North American and UK traditional timber framing journals. Co-founded, and initially edited, The Mortice and Tenon, the continuing UK journal of traditional timberwork of the Carpenters Fellowship journal.

  7. Moving to Ireland in 2000, I have designed, framed and raised numerous oak frames for houses, extensions, bridges, castles and gardens.

  8. As part of the Applied Building Repair and Conservation Diploma course at Trinity I give an annual lecture on historic timber building conservation and repair. 


Today, traditional carpentry for historic and for modern buildings is my passion as well as my craft and profession.

I develop the design with the client or the architect.  I make high quality, oak framed structures, working on only one frame at a time so that you are guaranteed the benefit of my experience and skills throughout. 

Most of all I enjoy crafting and delivering oak frames that will be appreciated by my clients for a long time to come.  I deliver and raise beautifully crafted oak and pride myself on delivering on-schedule.

Left:  At Loch Ness with the Trebuchet crew.

Right:  In Norway repairing a medieval loft building.